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Quick Video Clips

Learn basics quickly by watching these short (1:00 - 8:00) video clips introducing key features of Gmail and other Google Apps.

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Self-Paced Training

Switching to Outlook: Gmail and Calendar

(Short clips - 1 hour total) A comprehensive introduction to switching from Outlook to Google Apps. Covers threaded email conversations, contacts, labels, filters, calendar events, syncing events from Outlook, and more.

Managing your Inbox: Gmail Tips and Tricks

(Short clips - 1 hour total) Go beyond the basics to learn strategies for using labels, filters, archiving, and Google search to manage your inbox.

Online Resources from Safari Books Online

You may find some useful information in Safari Books Online.  This is a free resource through our Library system that allows faculty/staff/students access to a large number of technical books and manuals.  You can find books on Google Apps there.  Once you are in the site, do a search for 'Google Apps' and start reading from the list.

Goto Safari Books Online if you are ON campus.
Goto Safari Books Online if you are OFF campus.  You will need to know your university ID number to gain access.

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