Quick Video Clips

Explore the Gmail interface (4:47) Tour the Gmail interface. View new messages, perform message actions, chat with contacts online, and more.
Understand conversation threads (4:11) Gmail groups all replies with their original message in a single conversation thread. Learn how to reply to threads, expand and collapse their messages, and sort messages.
Manage email with filters (3:46) Set up filters to automatically identify important messages, remove unwanted mesasges, and otherwise route your incoming mail.
Archive messages (2:40) Clean up your Inbox without having to delete! Learn to archive messages, retrieve mail from the archive, and more.
Send attachments (3:30) Add attachments to messages and preview what the received attachment will look like. 
Undo Send: Retrieve an unfinished email (1:33) Oops, hit Send too soon? Give yourself a grace period of a few seconds to cancel sending. Just enable the Undo Send lab.
Insert images (2:40) Insert images in the body of a message using the Insert Image lab.
Google Calendar
Explore the Google Calendar interface (4:23) Take a tour of Google Calendar. Learn about Quick Add for quickly adding events or tasks to your calendar, the mini calendar, calendar event color coding, and searching for events.
Create new events (2:19) Learn three ways to schedule an event: via click and drag, the Create Event link, or the Quick Add link. 
Invite guests to events (3:29) Invite guests from your contact list or outside your domain; control their access to view or modify event details. 
Edit and delete events (3:21) Edit the What, When, Where, and Description for your event; delete an event, and send updates to attendees.
Create repeating events (3:17) Create a recurring event, such as a weekly staff meeting. Set up events on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
Share your calendar (0:29) Share your calendar with co-workers so they can check out your schedule, too.
Google Contacts
View and edit contacts (2:03) Explore the Google Apps Contact manager, which can keep track of your personal contacts as well as other contacts in your organization and people you email most frequently.
Create contact groups (1:29) Create contact groups to organize your personal contacts and to use as personal mailing lists.
Google Docs
Introducing Google Docs (2:32) Learn the benefits of the Google Docs for creating, storing, and collaborating on documents.
Create documents (5:33) Explore the Google Docs interface, including menus for creating, formatting, saving, and exporting text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
Share documents with viewers and collaborators (6:19) Share a document and set it up for simultaneous editing. View revision history, revert to previous document versions, and set up access permissions.
Create spreadsheets (6:24) Create a spreadsheet, view spreadsheet formatting commands and formulas, insert columns and rows, add new sheets, and customize the interface.
Create forms (8:24) Explore Google Docs' Forms. Create new forms, insert different types of fields such as multiple choice or scale, add help text, and make form fields required.


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